PARK™ Production House

Setting the scene for creative expression


  • Redesign a website
  • Brand refresh and revitalization


  • Web Design
  • Front-end Development


  • Prismic

PARK™ Production House’s high-quality photography and visual identity needed to be centre stage on their new website. We created a subtle brand and fully editable website for PARK™ Production House, designed to seamlessly showcase their high-quality visual assets.

Creating a subtle yet recognizable brand

We built PARK™ Production House’s brand using two fonts, one serif and one sans serif. The serif introduces elements of tradition and elegance, while the sans serif integrates modernity and simplicity. By carefully pairing these two contrasting font styles, we created a cohesive, balanced, and visually-striking brand identity to complement PARK™ Production House’s high-quality work.

Finding similarities, and exaggerating differences

The selected typefaces are different in a myriad of ways, but they pair well thanks to similar x-heights and character widths. The typefaces’ weights offer a major contrasting quality, which visually differentiates their use cases, even at a glance.

A website designed to complement

We designed the website to complement PARK™ Production House’s work with a simple and clean layout that draws the user’s eye and focuses their attention on the production house's portfolio. The website's minimalist design allows PARK™ Production House’s stunning visuals to take centre stage, encouraging visitors to appreciate and engage with the offerings on display.

Maximizing photography

To maximize the impact of each image, we oriented project pages horizontally, which meant swapping the scroll orientation on project pages. To further integrate this effect, we built systems to load projects continuously, allowing visitors to seamlessly scroll between projects.

Multi-platform consistency

The website's design, characterized by a grid effect, puts a strong emphasis on visuals, making it ideal for image-heavy platforms. The aesthetic lends itself seamlessly to platforms like Instagram, where the primary focus is on the images. This alignment between the site's design and the platform's usage allows for a smooth and visually pleasing transition of content across different platforms.