Milk Jar Candle Co.

An award winning ecommerce website to light up a brand refresh


  • Build a custom Shopify website


  • Front-end Development
  • Content Management
  • Technical Direction


  • Shopify
  • Sanity
  • Next.js

Built by Field worked with Milk Jar Candle Co. to build a new ecommerce website by transitioning them from Squarespace to Shopify, and using Sanity for website content management. The outcome is a custom, highly branded site that has led to increased sales and brand awareness.

Shop by Category on iPad

A singular, cohesive brand experience

Ensuring design and content accuracy on the website was absolutely critical in delivering a consistent brand experience for every customer. This extends from the initial point of contact, through the purchasing process, and even to the unboxing of the product. The work done by Bamff Studio on the brand's identity and packaging was given a distinct and unique look and feel. This design ethos was then carried over and reflected on the website, creating a cohesive visual identity across all platforms.

Significant care and attention to detail were taken to ensure that the entire ecommerce experience would integrate seamlessly with the rest of the brand ecosystem. This included everything from the look and feel of the website to the layout and user interface, all the way to the checkout process. The goal was to create an online shopping experience that not only reflected the brand's identity but also provided a smooth and easy process for the customer, reinforcing the brand's commitment to excellence at every step.

Advanced technologies for a superior user experience

By leveraging sound and reliable technologies, we were able to create an exceptional back-end editing and management experience for the Milk Jar team. Next.js provided a robust framework for building the user interface, making it flexible and responsive. Sanity served as a unified content hub, allowing the team to manage website content efficiently.

In addition, Shopify, a leading ecommerce platform, was integrated to facilitate all ecommerce functionalities. This gave the Milk Jar team the ability to manage their online store with ease, track inventory, and handle customer orders effectively.

However, the benefits were not just confined to the back-end. The use of these advanced technologies also had a significant impact on delivering a seamless user experience to front-end customers. The website is fast, secure, and reliable, providing customers with an enjoyable browsing and shopping experience. This strategic use of technology has not only helped enhance Milk Jar's brand image but also driven an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

The Scent Seer: Guiding customers to perfect scent matches

One of the unique features we developed for Milk Jar Candle Co. is the Scent Seer. This innovative tool facilitates an interactive shopping experience by helping customers discover products that match their preferred scent profile.

Each product on the website is assigned 'scents' as tags. The Scent Seer allows customers to select a combination of up to four scents. It then searches the product catalog for items with a matching scent profile, providing a curated selection of products tailored to the customer's preferences.

The Milk Jar team can hide certain products, such as bundles, which naturally include many scents. This ensures a more specific and personalized user experience for customers using the Scent Seer, as they are presented with products that precisely align with their scent preferences.

Gold Anvil in Digital: Website at the 2024 Anvil Awards

Winning results and recognition

The new website significantly enhanced the brand's online presence, earning a Gold Anvil at the 2024 Anvils Awards for its visual and technical proficiency. More than just gaining recognition, the website also improved business performance.

Following its launch, Milk Jar Candle Co. has seen an increase in sales and brand awareness, as well as a direct benefit to their marketing and operations team with the back-end management experience, enabling them to quickly act on new ideas and product segments.