Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Constructing a digital environment for world-class city builders


  • Redesign a website
  • Craft an interactive experience


  • Web Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-end Development
  • Content Management


  • Sanity
  • Mapbox
  • Next.js

Built by Field worked with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) to revamp their website for improved brand representation and user experience. We introduced a headless CMS and devised a system for seamless content migration. The redesign incorporated CMLC's updated brand identity, introduced a headless CMS, and integrated Mapbox to visually orient their world-class projects within Calgary.

Aligning with brand identity

In line with our commitment to support CMLC's mission of enhancing Calgary's beauty, we aimed to reflect this transformation in their digital presence. We used impactful visual assets and integrated their revamped visual identity into their website design seamlessly. Our team paid close attention to each detail, ensuring all website elements, from the color palette to typography, genuinely mirrored their brand essence.

The result was a visually striking, cohesive digital platform that resonated with visitors and effectively conveyed CMLC's brand message and values. Our efforts fostered a digital environment that embodies CMLC's transformative work, providing an online presence as dynamic and engaging as the urban landscapes they cultivate.

Mapping CMLC's impact

Central to understanding CMLC's work is visualizing where it takes place. To this end, we incorporated Mapbox into their site, providing an interactive and dynamic map that situates CMLC's projects within Calgary's downtown area. Users can navigate through Calgary's streets and see exactly where CMLC's projects take root.

But, we didn't stop at simple pin drops. We provided CMLC with the ability to upload GeoJSON files directly into the Sanity CMS. This means they can create custom 3D representations of their projects and district zones. This 3D functionality not only gives users a unique view of the city but also allows them to see the scale and impact of CMLC's work in a way that traditional maps don't allow. In this way, we've given CMLC a tool that brings their work to life and allows users to see the tangible transformation of Calgary's downtown area.

Streamlining content migration

A major undertaking during this project was migrating hundreds of historical blog posts, articles, press releases, newsletters, and resources from CMLC's old Squarespace website into the new headless CMS, Sanity. This was no small task, considering the sheer volume and diversity of content to be moved.

To tackle this, we developed custom extraction and migration tooling which significantly improved both the time and cost efficiency of the process. Not only were we able to transfer the content swiftly, but we also ensured its correct formatting and organization within the new CMS. This allowed us to preserve the integrity of the existing content while transitioning it into a more flexible and powerful system.

This efficient content migration strategy was integral to the successful overhaul of CMLC's digital platform, ensuring a smooth transition to their new website while maintaining the rich historical context and valuable information contained in their extensive back catalog of posts and resources.